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Collectors Album Men's World Cup 2010

Collectors album for the 2010 Men's World Cup in South Africa


The World Cup at Bourbaki - EACH GAME ITS JABBERER


Unbearable! For 90 minutes, the gentlemen commentators on TV tell us what we already see, already know, or never wanted to know. Shut it down. Tape over. Done! Kick'n'Rush, tschutti heftli, and Bourbaki have moved heaven and earth to put an end to the TV terror and present: The World Cup at Bourbaki - EACH GAME ITS JABBERER.

From all over, they come - the over 100 jabberers: musicians, politicians, celebrities, charlatans! They chat for you on the spot for 90 minutes as if there were no tomorrow: with CD player, turntable, and guitar, blessed with much or no understanding of football at all, the heroines and heroes take on the battle against stupidity in front of the World Cup box. 90 minutes live and uncensored with original stadium sound and real jabberers!


tschutti heftli supports the aid organization Viva con Aqua with the proceeds from sales (10 cents per packet sold), which aims to improve access to drinking water in developing countries. For example, the young Viva con Agua crew from Lucerne collects funds for a specific project in northern Mozambique, which is implemented in partnership with Helvetas.

Verein Tschutti Heftli
Eichwaldstrasse 25
CH-6005 Lucerne

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