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#BoycottQatar - Don't Play with human rights

tschutti heftli has always aimed to emphasize the positive and unifying aspects of football through our collectible albums and to counter negative trends such as commercialization. We express this goal and our stance behind it in our manifesto.

The World Cup in Qatar contradicts our values on so many levels that emphasizing the positive aspects of football in this case seems wrong and impossible. It is the wrong approach for us to make a statement with an artistically outstanding collectible album produced with passion, sustainability, and fairness. For this reason, we are boycotting the World Cup and joining the call of the Boycott Qatar Initiative.

However, we also want to make our protest visible. Therefore, we are launching the project 'Protest Posters against the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.' We have invited 23 graphic designers to create a poster for the protest. This resulted in 23 statements that we will publish on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. A new poster will be released on each match day of the World Cup.

One copy of each poster will be printed in a large format and auctioned on the day of its release. The entire proceeds, minus printing costs, will be divided among the artists.

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